TEACHER KIT-Easy and Useful!

by Justine Lavoie


TeacherKit is a simple classroom management tool.

What is TeacherKit?
eacherKit is an easy-to-use classroom management tool that:

  • manages one’s class;
  • manages one’s students;
  • creates seating charts;
  • takes attendances;
  • adds behavior notes;
  • records students’ grades;
  • imports, exports the date while keeping it safe.

How does it work?
First, after opening the app, the teacher has to create and add a classroom by selecting the proposed option. Then, he may enter a name for the classroom as well as a description for it. After that, the teacher can enter the students’ names and profiles, which not only contain students information, but also parents’ information. Those profiles will later be used to enter the attendances, behavior notes, and grades. Once all students of a classroom are added to the class, the teacher needs to do a seating plan. To do so, he need to follow the easy steps offered by TeacherKit. From that, the teacher simply has to carry on with his class; the hardest part is done, the only things left are to keep track of everything!

For an ESL teacher,
TeacherKit is basically a personal organizer, which allows one to spend more time teaching. Although it requires time at the end of the day to enter and compile the grades and behavioral notes, TeacherKit still represents a giant economy of time. It manages pretty much everything in the classroom, and makes some teaching aspects just a piece of cake!

As an ESL teacher in the becoming,
TeacherKit appears to me as a great classroom management tool. However, I liked it less than the Make My Solution tools I had the opportunity to work with. Still, although I do not forsee myself using it in my next Practicums or future career as an ESL teacher, I can recognize its several perks, and I can understand why so many teachers use and love it. I think the way it records pretty much everything is nice and, the fact that it is available on any mobile device (Windows, Android, iOS) is also a big plus.


The main perk of TeacherKit, according to David Jones, is that it keeps track of the students participating with a visual layout.

For students,
TeacherKit can be seen as a positive reinforcement tool. Indeed, knowing that notes concerning their behavior might be taken, students have the tendency to behave properly in order to receive good comments. However, apart from that, the tool is not really significant for them.

For parents,
TeacherKit is great because of the detailed reports of children, and also because of the easy communication with the teacher that is offered by the email option of the application. However, it is no use for parents to create a TeacherKit account because they will not have the access to their children’s classroom.

There is an mobile application available to pretty much any device as long as it has access to an online connection.

Pros & Cons:
As illustrated on the TeacherKit Website, Teacher Kit presents a series of perks such as:

  • being free;
  • being easy to use;
  • being available on Windows, Android, and iOS devices;
  • having step-by-step instructions;
  • having a “one-click” email function;
  • having the option of creating and entering more than one class.

However, TeacherKit also presents areas in need of improvement such as:

  • not being that easy to understand for people who are not familiar with technology;
  • necessitating a lot of time to get the setup done and ready;
  • not having letter grades ranges that match the grading system of Quebec;
  • being expensive (39,99$ for the full version).

From an educational consultant’s point of view, TeacherKit “is a complete solution for any teacher looking to keep an organized classroom. It is bright, and user friendly.”
From a teacher’s point of view, TeacherKit is a “one-app solves all” program.
Since the tool was not created in order to be used by students or parents, no actual reviews were issued by any of them.


Why don’t you just give it a try?

Although I personally do not see myself using this classroom management tool much, I can however recommend it to well-organized teachers because in my opinion, it offers functions that can be really useful in a classroom.

Justine Lavoie.