by Justine Lavoie

Make My Grades is an assessment mobile application to make the best out of the teacher’s time and the students’ learning opportunities.


What is Make My Grades?
Make My Grades is a mobile application created by a teacher for teachers that can:

  • create and import classes;
  • create assessments;
  • record assessments;
  • take attendances;
  • create and present collated reports;
  • print and export files.

How does it work?
irst, the teacher simply has to create a classroom and enter or import the students’ names so that every student has a virtual folder. Every folder can then be personalized with a picture or an avatar for each student. The teacher can also fill in some information about his students such as their full names, age, gender or even birth dates, which will appear as reminders to wish happy birthday to the students. Then, the teacher has to create assessments and assign them to the students to later enter a mark when they are done with the corrected assignement. In order to be more efficient, the teacher may change the settings according to his grading system because the application works by default with letter grades, while some teachers prefer percentages. Also, the teacher can select and adjust the weighting of the assessments that will automatically be compiled. However, for instance, if the teacher only wishes to compile two assignments out of three, he can select the ones he wants and the compilation will also be possible. Here is a short demo presenting the big headlines of this app:

For an ESL teacher,
Make My Grades is amazing. Mostly because of the precious time it saves, but also because it allows you to keep track of the students’ marks and progress anywhere, everywhere. Also, the app is great because of the clarity and simplicity. By assessment, or in a more general summary of the classroom, you can rank and order your students by alphabetical order, best grades or worst grades, which gives you a general view of your classroom’s progress.

As an ESL teacher in the becoming,
Make My Grades is great. In my Practicum I, I had different tasks to do, and correcting assignments, tests and exams was one of these. I used this application to enter the students’ marks. However, I was using the free version of the app and it only allowed me to enter five classes. Thus, my cooperative teacher used some of her class budget to purchase the complete version, where there is no maximum of classes. The way I proceeded was by entering every group three times for the three competencies so that the assessments and their marks are not mixed together. Then, I adjusted the general settings for the weighting of the assignments and so that my marking was out of 5+. After that, it was a piece of cake to enter the results because the names of all the students appear on a page and the only thing you need to do is press on their correct mark. I can easily see myself using this tool not only in my next Practicums, but also in my career.


The main advantage of Make My Grades is definitely its fast and simple use. You do not need to watch a whole tutorial to know the functioning of this app. A simple fifteen minute of experimentation is enough for one to discover its main functions.

For students and parents,
Make My Grades is not a useful tool nor is it a tool that can be used. This can be explained by the fact that it is an app created by a teacher for teachers. Students will sure receive the report made with the help of this app, but they or their parents should not have access to the assessments and the marking. Therefore, no actual function for inviting and sharing was made available for teachers.

Pros & Cons:
As illustrated on the Make My Grades Website, Make My Grades presents a series of perks such as:

  • sending reports to parents with one click;
  • having a free version;
  • having a not so expensive paying version for only 7.99$ (when compared to the Teacher’s Kit application, which is a similar app, that costs 39.99$);
  • tracking points and assessments with any iOS device;
  • seeing full classroom performance in minutes;
  • getting beautiful, hassle-free behavior reports;
  • taking attendances;
  • effective teacher-students-parents communication through reports;
  • creating and recording meaningful assessments that include:
    -curriculum links.

However, Make My Grades also presents areas in need of improvement such as:

  • having a possibility of classifying assessments by the ESL competencies (C1, C2, C3);
  • being currently only available in English;
  • having a free version allowing more than five classes;
  • being currently only available on the App Store, for iOS devices
  • having some issues when entering the names of the students in a new class.

Reviews (*since the app is pretty recent, not a lot of reviews or ratings were issued):

From the App Store’s review, Make My Grade is rated a 4+ and is highly valued by teachers.
From a teacher’s point of view, Make My Grades is seen as a great program to be able to store teaching and educational programs.


Why don’t you just give it a try?

Related Apps:
he Make My Solution brand presents not only Make My Grades, but also two other applications that can work very well by themselves, but even better when used with one another. Here they are:
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Although I do not have my own classroom with this mobile application to use YET, I think that Make My Grades is an awesome tool to save time and to make clear and concise reports.

Justine Lavoie.