eCLICKER-Quizzes Made Fun!

by Justine Lavoie


eClicker is an application that allows the teacher to create and conduct formative assessments that can later be performed by his students.

What is eClicker?
eClicker is an app that:

  • presents three forms of assessment formats;
  • can record the results of the students in a classroom to later study and compile them;
  • is useful to see if students understood certain content presented.

How does it work?
First, you need to create an account on eClicker. Then, you need to enter your audience; here, your students. After that, you are completely free to begin the creation of your formative quiz. You start by selecting the type of questions that will be asked (multiple choice, true or false, agree or disagree), and you just enter the questions you wish to ask. You make it even more interesting by adding pictures of your choice.

For an ESL teacher,
eClicker is quite simple to use. Also, it is not so expensive therefore, it can easily be entered in the classroom expenses, and can be justified as reasonable and helpful in a class budget. It allows the teacher to create an assessment, offered through the form of a multiple choice, true or false, or agree or disagree type of quiz. Such quizzes can be used as formative evaluation to verify students’ understanding of a given taught subject before moving on to another. eClicker can also be performed before teaching students a lesson, and then be performed a second time once students have learned the lesson. This way, a comparison of students’ common knowledge can be done. Finally, eClicker can also be used by teachers who only want to reward students who behave well. It is a fun activity to do, and it changes the format of general teaching.

As an ESL teacher in the becoming,
I think that eClicker is a nice tool. However, I think that it is a shame that it is only available to iOS devices. Still, its clear interface and handiness win over this little disadvantage. Although it takes some time to install and set, the results is worth it.


For students,
eClicker is fun and generates revision without them even noticing. It is quick and simple to use. It can also be used as a revision tool or even as a game between friends.

For parents,
eClicker can be used effectively with children. Indeed, parents can create assessments to help their kids review. It can be used as extra homework or even to teach cultural matter. Also, in the summer, some parents may ask their children to read books, and quizzes on those can be created. With the active cooperation of parents, eClicker could also be used as a memorization tool.

There is a mobile application, but only for iOS devices. But, considering that most schools work with iPads, that is not much of a big deal.

Pros & Cons:
As illustrated on the eClicker Website, eClicker presents a series of perks such as:

  • providing instant feedback;
  • presenting flexibility in its format of questions and pictures;
  • being easy in terms of both the writing and the taking of a quiz.

However, eClicker also presents areas in need of improvement such as:

  • having a free version that is not so complete (the paying version (5,79) is more interesting in school contexts);
  • being only available on iOS devices;
  • having a fixed time for each answer.

From a tech tester’s point of view, eClicker is great because of the real-time feedback it gives, and also because it does not put students in uncomfortable situations of humiliation if they do not know an answer.
From a teacher’s point of view, eClicker was rated a 3 out of 5 because of the great immediate feedback it provides.
From a parent’s point of view, eClicker is great because of the actual connection between the parent and the teacher; there is no more wait of a failed exam, the communication is fast.

eclicker (1)

Why don’t you just give it a try?

Although eClicker can only be used on iOS devices, I think that the idea behind this tool is great. It is much more than a time-saver; it can positively transform a whole classroom routine.

Justine Lavoie.