TRELLO-Free, Flexible & Visual!

by Justine Lavoie


Trello is a free, flexible, and visual way to organize anything with anyone.

What is Trello?
rello is a free web-based collaboration tool that allows you to not only organize your life, but also to:

  • add checklists, labels, due dates to cards;
  • manage projects;
  • share projects and delegate to members of your circle.

How does it work?
First, you need to create an account. You can do so by using your Google account or by creating a Trello account where you will need to fill up the sign up form. Then, immediately, Trello is ready for you to explore. You can drag, write, prioritize, arrange or delete cards. In order to be used by in a classroom, students need to be invited by email invitations on the Trello, and from that moment, the whole class becomes a big online platform.

For an ESL teacher,
Trello can be an amazing personal tool to organize oneself. Indeed, it almost thinks for you. If you enter everything properly, there is no way you are ever going to forget something again. But, it can be an even more amazing tool to use with students. You can publish assignments and due dates, and you can create assignments and assign them to all students or just certain students. You have the possibility to create the online agenda you have always wanted.

As an ESL teacher in the becoming,
Trello is a revelation. I had the opportunity to have it working around the last day of my Practicum I, and it relieved me from so much stress. I simply jotted down the tasks I needed to do, the elements I needed to present, and the things I needed to have signed or completed and there I was, all ready for a day with students. I downloaded the app on my iPhone and I could take a quick glance at it during lunch just to make sure that my day was going according to plan.


The main perk of Trello, according to Julie Matkin, is that its possibilities are endless; they go as far as one’s mind allows them to go.

For students,
Trello is great because it is an online agenda that students literally carry everywhere on their electronic devices. Also, students really can make their Trello interfaces their own by spending hours personalizing them (if they want to). Nowadays, kids are more and more connected to technology therefore, it is a relevant tool for them to use because of the sense of actuality it provides.

For parents,
Trello can be also be used as a personal agenda, but it may also be used as a familial organizator. In 2015, families are busy: parents are working, children are in school and participate into extracurricular activities, therefore, time may be missing. Thus, if a parent creates a Trello and invites the other members of the family, tasks can be posted and assigned, and the meals can even be posted in advance. Important meetings as well as activities can be posted and marked according to their levels of priority. Also, Trello can be consulted by a parent wishing to follow and track his child’s progress. Indeed, every night, the parent can, if child permission granted, consult the assignments the child needs to do in order to help him stay on task.

There is an mobile application available on pretty much any mobile device.

Pros & Cons:
As illustrated on the Trello Website, Trello presents a series of perks such as:

  • being free;
  • being available to any device or computer because its interface looks more like an app rather than like a site;
  • being incredibly fast (whether it is to update content or to add a new member to your circle);
  • having a really easy function that allows you to create tasks and assign someone to them.

However, Trello also presents areas in need of improvement such as:

  • lacking a calendar;
  • limiting the writing about boards to a small description;
  • lacking a gantt chart or daily global progression.

From a tech tester’s point of view, Trello is rated 4.3 out of 5 because of its “one-glance-see-all” aspect.
From a teacher’s point of view, Trello is a great site that can be used by teachers or students cooperatively working on a project.


Why don’t you just give it a try?

Although I am not a very organized person, I made myself a Trello account, and I have to say, it is genius! It is just too bad that I only started using it at the end of the semester because I could have really used all that organization.

Justine Lavoie.